Youth EmpowerHouse provides a safe, affordable place where greater Haverhill kids feel empowered to grow and succeed, while their parents can more easily  balance work and family life.
Recognizing that too many Haverhill kids have no place to go, we offer boys and girls from all backgrounds access to quality, affordable out-of-school programs. Our exceptional volunteers are here to help children develop positive relationships with peers, their families, their teachers, and the adults around them. Our mission  is built upon three important goals:


EmpowerHouse kids get a quiet place to finish their homework, but  we also expose them to fresh and exciting activities, including STEM  to sports, art and theater.



Our diverse, structured program nurtures intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Our kids become more confident and creative, with  decision making skills that will last a lifetime.



A child with a confident and positive mind is an amazing thing. Our kids learn to trust their inner voice and cultivate a positive self-image, preparing them to work through life’s countless challenges.


The work we do here empowers kids. It also strengthens families and communities. We celebrate diversity, inclusivity and individuality, and we understand the challenges faced by working parents. You no longer need to worry about missing work or working fewer hours.
By joining us, you not only get a convenient and safe place for your children, you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring they feel better equipped to succeed in school, in life, and in their careers.