After School Programs


Boys and Girls

Youth EmpowerHouse focuses on positive programming and enriching activities that build social, interpersonal, and athletic skills. This includes:

  • Inquiry-based science programs that encourage boys and girls to use investigative
    and hands-on experiments and to think and communicate in scientific ways.
    These programs are interdisciplinary and relevant to both the community and the
    children’s daily lives.
  • Reading and storytimes, book clubs, and other literacy-based activities
  • Interactive and hands-on, manipulative math games and activities for all skill levels
  • Team sports and individual fitness programs aimed at making all children strong
    and healthy
  • Social, emotional, and anti-bullying programs designed to help children build the
    skills necessary to go out into the world
  • Special events: Spelling and Geography Bees, Concerts, Dramatic Productions
    and Plays


Youth EmpowerHouse’s teen program focuses on activities designed to provide teenagers the interpersonal, enrichment, and life skills necessary to thrive in today’s world while providing a safe, fun environment for them to be themselves. This includes:

  • Business, fiscal responsibility, and economics programs to set them up for financial competency in the future
  • Student-led, inquiry-based STEM programs to encourage teenagers to design, build, and investigate a range of models and experiments that are relevant to their lives and interests
  • Music and drama programs to encourage creativity and explore different artistic avenues
  • Mentorships with younger members of the program to allow teens to develop leadership skills and a chance to take on greater responsibility
  • Fitness, yoga, and team sports
  • Interdisciplinary reading, English language arts, and history projects
  • Field Trips and Special Events